Payment service providers

ADVANTAGES for payment institutions that offer AliasPay

  • Expand the innovative services portfolio, of real value, in the increasingly fierce confrontation with non-traditional solutions, within the payment services market;
  • building customer loyalty by offering services based on safety, speed, ease of use; customer retention;
  • expanding their offer with a modern service which can be an additional source of income;
  • enhancing the image of the payment service provider by offering a high-tech service, aligned with European and international trends;
  • positioning and differentiation element;
  • Cost reduction by decreasing cash on the market due to the conversion of certain transactions to non-cash.

For banks / payment service providers, AliasPay ensures:

  • reduced costs with communications networks,
  • operational safety,
  • interoperability at SEPA level - without requiring developments by the participant,
  • electronic archiving (at the request of the participant),
  • HelpDesk available 24/7/365.


As a bank / payment service provider, the inclusion of AliasPay in your institution’s offer is determined by:

  • - participation, in advance, in SENT (Automated Clearing House) and compliance with the SENT System Rules (within which the AliasPay application operates);
  • - adherence to the Set of Rules on SPL (Standardized Proxy Lookup) issued by the Romanian Association of Banks (RAB).

The following categories of institutions can participate in the SENT system*:

a. credit institutions;
b. electronic money institutions;
c. giro postal service providers;
d. payment institutions;
e. National Bank of Romania;
f. State Treasury;
g. European Central Bank and the national central banks (other than the National Bank of Romania), when they do not act as monetary authorities or in another capacity involving the exercise of public authority;
h. Member States and their regional or local authorities, when they do not act as public authorities;
i. credit institutions of the Republic of Moldova;
j. Partner CSMs.

The eligible instutions to participate in SENT aforementioned under letters a), b), c) and d) are Romanian legal entities or branches established on the Romanian territory by foreign legal entities in the European Economic Area, notified to the NBR by the competent authority of the member state of origin.

*Excerpt from the SENT System Rules, which include AliasPay.