Pay easily and quickly using the recipient’s mobile phone number instead of the IBAN

The Service


Pay anytime (24/7/365) using the mobile phone number of the recipient and the money arrives instantly or as a traditional payment. The speed of payment execution will depend on your choice (whether your bank will provide this service for both instant and traditional payments) or how your bank has chosen to provide the service to its customers. The payment beneficiary must be enrolled in AliasPay.

The service is intended for individual customers and businesses holding a bank account.

Customers of banks offering AliasPay can initiate extremely simple payments between two accounts opened at different banks, using only the mobile phone number of the payment beneficiary, through AliasPay, developed and provided by TRANSFOND for the banking community.

Consumers of financial services in Romania will be able to use AliasPay as long as the banks they have an account with (payment service providers) participate to this service. The partners who  have implemented AliasPay for their customers are:

  • Banca Transilvania 
  • CEC Bank 
  • ING Bank
  • BCR
  • SALT Bank

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Who can use the service?

Payment service providers
Banks and other payment service providers can offer AliasPay to their customers through the mobile banking application.


The AliasPay central system is available ANYTIME (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).
Immediate initiation of payment by using the recipient’s mobile number instead of the IBAN and immediate receipt of money in the account - if the initiator opts for an instant payment via AliasPay.
The operator of the AliasPay service is TRANSFOND - responsible for the electronic clearing and settlement of interbank retail payments in Romania since 2005.
You can make an AliasPay payment by simply choosing the recipient’s mobile number from your phonebook via your bank’s mobile application.

How does it work?

AliasPay - the simplified model of an Instant Payment or a traditional payment

Payment through AliasPay

it is initiated through the mobile banking app and can be an instant payment (SCT Inst) or a traditional payment (“normal” credit transfer), depending on the option of implementing the service within each bank and the customer’s current choice.


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About us

TRANSFOND is the owner and operator of the Automated Clearing House for low value interbank commercial payments. Located at the heart of all financial operators, TRANSFOND has developed and manages a robust and secure interbank transaction processing system in line with international standards in the field. Since go-live and up to the present moment, the Automated Clearing House has functioned exemplarily, at maximum availability and safety parameters.

Transfers using AliasPay (subcomponent of the Automated Clearing House) are thus carried out with the TRANSFOND warranty, grounding on more than 15 years of experience in building and operating critical systems connected to inter-banking payment processing in Romania. TRANSFOND’s shareholders are the National Bank of Romania and the main commercial banks. We have, therefore, the certainty that money is safely transferred from one account to another, between different banks.


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