Individual consumers

HOW can you use AliasPay, as an individual customer?

You do not need to buy or install a dedicated application for AliasPay, nor do you need to register in a separate interface. The only condition necessary to benefit from AliasPay is for the service to be provided by your bank and by the bank of the payee, the latter must have the mobile number registered in AliasPay. To use AliasPay you must have access to your bank’s mobile banking app (or internet banking, if your bank decides to offer AliasPay through internet banking as well).

The major advantage is the ease of initiating a payment based on the contacts in your phonebook, without knowing the IBAN of the beneficiary or other bank details. Your account and that of the payee may be opened at different banks.

You can use AliasPay:
  • on mobile devices, through mobile banking apps;
  • via internet banking, if the banks will also offer this option.
WHEN can you use AliasPay?

You can use AliasPay for:
  • money transfers, anytime during day or night, between relatives, friends, acquaintances;
  • receiving money after splitting a bill;
  • payment to any company that has a mobile phone number registered in AliasPay;
  • payment of online providers, enrolled with their mobile phone number in AliasPay;
  • payment of taxes and duties quickly, easily - by using the mobile number of the payee (of the authority concerned) - if it is previously registered by the bank in AliasPay.